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About Us


Mobile Monty is the premium mobile marketplace; we have led the mobile programmatic revolution that has helped change the advertising waterfront.

That is the headline, but there is so much more.

Mobile Monty is a builder. We have spent the last four years building and shaping mobile advertising—building the best programmatic technology in the industry.

We are proud to take a leadership position in the mobile programmatic revolution. A revolution that is changing the advertising landscape, enabling premium publishers and developers to make money from their mobile properties and empowering brand advertisers to adapt to the massive consumer shift to all-things mobile.

We are proud of our accomplishments; but our focus, our passion, remains our customer’s success. That notion may seem “old school” to some. However, we think the passionate focus on customer success is eternal and frankly refreshing in a sometimes noisy market. Ad tech may be a highly dynamic market, but some things are always true: take care of your customers, make them successful, and build great teams. And do all of this with integrity: say what you mean and do what you say.